Services for All Your Needs

 Plexpack stands behind our solutions with comprehensive aftermarket support and service with experience field technicians, assembly technicians, and a group of case management advisors at the ready.

 We provide support through a variety of means for your convenience and needs including, phone, email, interactive chat, video conference, screen shares, in-person and on-site. You can request service dates or parts help where we have a queue system to ensure each inquiry is attended to quickly and efficiently. We are also equipped for remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance for those customers looking for Machine as Service capability or allow remote access for service provision.

Our technicians are PMMI Certified Trainers for best practice training provision of our equipment to your production and maintenance teams. Service and parts are available in English or Spanish, with further support in over 18 languages spoken by personnel in our plant, ready to assist.

Genuine OEM parts ensure longevity and reliability of your equipment, and we have parts advisors that turn orders and shipments out within 24 hours. Common consumables, standard wear and critical components are in stock.

We also provide Self-Service options right here. You can easily find answers to FAQ’s, a comprehensive library of how-to videos, and- once you have created a login- you can easily access knowledge base articles for troubleshooting, operator manuals, drawings and more. 

You can be certain that from first contact through the entire product lifecycle, Plexpack will provide precise attention to your machinery and process.



The Plexpack Advantage

Plexpack Corporation designs and manufactures high-quality flexible packaging solutions that perform to the highest standards—yours. More than 5,000 customers worldwide depend on our Emplex Bag & Pouch Sealers, Vacpack Impulse Vacuum Sealers, and Damark Shrinkwrap & Bundling Systems for packaging efficiency, product integrity, safe transport and attractive presentation.

We deliver standard and customizable, made-to-order solutions with your unique needs, reputation and budget in mind. Our modular systems are easy to install, maintain, and expand. We have options for nearly any production environment and a wide range of applications. For more than 50 years, Plexpack has built a reputation for quickly delivering innovative solutions that are simple to use and provide superior performance and return on investment.

Be Certain. 

At Plexpack, we know that our relationship with our customers does not end with the shipment of a machine. We believe in a lasting, supportive relationship with everyone operating our equipment no matter where in the world they are. Whether you need parts for a machine that is 30 years old or service on a machine 1000 miles away, Plexpack is there to give personal attention to your flexible packaging needs. Your operation depends on a functional system from start to finish. Be certain. If you need support, Plexpack is there to assist.  

Every Plexpack solution is backed by multilingual support and service from our offices in Canada and the US, or by our international network of distribution partners. We provide sales, service and support in 19 languages. You can be certain from the first contact through the entire lifecycle, Plexpack will give personal attention to your flexible packaging needs. 

Our Values

We believe our values drive innovation and quality, a positive customer experience and consistent results.

Integrity: We take great pride in our solutions and building quality products backed by integrity and a customer experience based on trust and reliability. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of honesty and delivering value.

Experience: Our engineering, sales, service, and management team are longstanding experts in flexible packaging. They willingly share their knowledge and apply their skills for the benefit of our customers and the betterment of our industry. Our team serves as active leaders in:

  • PMMI – Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute
  • PAC – Packaging Consortium
  • CPMA – Canadian Produce Marketing Association
  • PMA – Produce Marketing Association
  • CME – Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters
  • Craft Brew Association
  • NCIA - National Cannabis Industry Association
  • PMMI Women’s Leadership Network
  • PDA
  • Ontario Made

Commitment: Whether you are a large multinational manufacturer or a small, regional producer of niche products, your package and packaging operation is a significant factor in your success and overall profitability. We are committed to helping you achieve efficient and effective packaging that delivers value today and into the future. The entire Plexpack team is committed to delivering certain results.

Innovation: Plexpack continuously strives to improve its products, services, and processes to ensure each customer receives the best solution for their unique needs. We investigate and test new technology and materials and apply them in meaningful ways for our customers. We develop new products based on our experience and listening to customers’ challenges, business needs and packaging goals.

Reliability: We have a long history of proven products and satisfied customers across the globe. We provide reliable solutions and dependable service and support. We know our customers rely on the strength and value of our solutions to improve operations and profitability, protect and present their products, and support their reputation. Earning their trust depends on our reliability every day.