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Have your service policies changed with COVID19?

Our policies have changed with the onset of the pandemic to ensure both our staff's and our customer's health and safety. We are continuing remote service and offering onsite service where we are able.

For more details on our current service policies check out this post:

Service Policies During COVID

Can I receive onsite support for my Plexpack system?

Plexpack does offer field service. With our technicians in both Canada and the US, as well as are qualified service parnters we are able to provide field service in most areas. Due to COVID19 our field service offerings have become more limited, but we encourage all our customers to contact our Aftermarket department to inquire about field service provisoning. 

How can I receive replacement parts?

We do supply genuine OEM replacement parts for our equipment, as well as offer spare part kits for most of our systems so you can have common parts on-hand before it is time to replace them. 

To order parts contact parts@plexpack.com or submit a parts request form.