PMMI Certified Trainer Program

PMMI Certified Trainer Program

Our Aftermarket Support Technician is a PMMI Certified Trainer. The PMMI Certified Training program is a leading education program setting the industry standards for quality education and value. This program provides training to technicians for instructing customers on equipment-use and maintenance- meaning our technicians are well-equipped to train our customers on our machinery. Plexpack trainers work with customers to ensure that their team can effectively operate, troubleshoot, service, and changeover their Emplex and Damark systems.

PMMI Certified training helps improve:

  • start-up time
  • machine performance
  • changeover times
  • operator performance

It helps reduce:

  • downtime
  • service calls
  • equipment failure
  • product and material loss

This program certification means that our technicians are e