LBar Systems

LBar Systems

Here you can find all supportive documents and technical information you will need for your DAMARK LBar system. Check out operator manuals, FAQs and more!

Damark L-Bar sealers affordably shrinkwrap products by simultaneously forming side andend seals on continuously fed, center-folded film. Combined with a shrink tunnel, L-Bar Sealers provide a cost-effective solution for tight, crisply wrapped packages and bundles of nearly any type of product, including irregular shaped or large, oversized items.

All Damark L-Bar sealers provide precise adjustments for conveyor speed, dwell time, and seal temperature. Manual and semiautomatic systems provide ergonomic adjustments for simple, safe product loading, and quick changeover. Automatic systems provide flexible infeeds and adjustments for integration into nearly any packaging operation.


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How do I correct seal-wire breakage?

It can happen that seal-wire can warp or break due to overheating. To learn how to correct seal-wire breakage check out this article,

Seal Wire Breakage


Why is my L-Bar seal wire contaminated with film?

It is normal for the seal wire of an L-Bar Sealer to become contaminated with film over time with continued use. If you need to clean the build of plastic on the seal wire follow the steps in this article:

Cleaning L-Bar Seal Wire


How do I change the seal wire in my L-Bar Sealer?

To learn how to change the seal wire in an L-Bar Sealer you can check out this help article


How to Change the Sealing Wire in an L-Bar Sealer 

How do I clean my sealer?

Routine cleaning is important in maintaining the correct function of your machine and will extend the longevity of your equipment. Depending on your production environment your machine may require more or less cleaning. Generally, your machine should be cleaned once every two weeks and the seal wire or hot knife should be cleaned daily

To clean your machine simply wipe down with a clean cloth using water and light liquid detergent. Do not use any corrosive solvents. Do not expose machine to "washdown" procedure. Do not expose internal components to liquids of any kind. 

Why am I getting bad seals on my L-Bar Sealer?

If you are noticing that your L-Bar sealer is producing uneven or bad seals, check these parts:


Why is my conveyor not tracking?

If you are finding your conveyor is not tracking on your L-Bar sealer the conveyor alignment may be off. While we run all our machines and verify conveyor tracking before sending them out, it is advisable to always verify conveyor tracking after installation. 

Learn how to correct conveyor tracking:

Conveyor Tracking on L-Bar Sealer