VP Series

VP Series

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Can I create multiple saved recipes?

Yes. All our Emplex & VacPack machines allow for recipe creation. You can create and save recipes with desired temperature, speed and pressure for different product runs and materials. Our Vacpack equipment also always you to save number and length of cycles.  For step-by-step insturctions on how to program in a recipe to your machine check out this article. 

How to Change Machine Parameters

What's the difference between logging in as an Engineer vs. a techincian?

There are two ways to log into a machine: as a technician or as an engineer. The difference is in the level of access assigned to these two user profiles.

Technicians will have access to load or save existing recipes and change machine configuration and operating parameter. 

Engineers will have full access to machine configuration and parameters.

To learn how to login with these user profiles check out this article: 

How to Log In

How can I change a sealing parameter?

To change a machine parameter on your Emplex machine, simply edit the Set Value of the respective parameter on the parameter screen.

Learn more

How To Change a Mahine Parameter

Why are concentric circles appearing on the HMI screen?

If you are experiencing issues with the HMI screen on your machine or are seeing concentric circles appear on the HMI screen, you may need to calibrate the HMI screen to restore correct function.

Why is my machine showing negative temperature?

If the status screen on your machine is showing a negative temperature this could be a problem with the thermocouple wires in the PLC. To learn more on correcting this issue read this article:

Status Screen Showing Negative

Why are my seal bars not heating up?

If the seal bars are not heating up there could be a problem with the electrical connections to the sealing section. 

Read more here:

Sealing Bars Not Heating Up

How do I replace the thermocouples?

The VP-MED models have 2 thermocouples to measure the temperature in the sealing band, they should be in place in the middle part of the sealing jaw below the sealing band. The thermocouples are 2 thin brown wires that come from the inside of the machine- one goes to the lower jaw and the other to the upper jaw.

To replace the thermocouples check out this how-to article:

How to Replace the Thermocouples on a VP-MED


Can I add more nozzles to my VacPack system?

Yes, our equipment feautres modular designs meaning there are many ways to modify and build up your machine as your needs change. 

We offer upgrade kits that allow you to add additional nozzles to your VacPack system. For more information contact parts@plexpack.com.

Already have extra nozzles but don't know how to install them? Check out this step-by-step guide:

Installing Additional Nozzles 

How can I replace Teflon pieces on my Vacpack?

For full instructions on how to replace Teflon pieces on your VacPack vacuum and gas flush sealers see our article in the Help Centre:

 Changing Teflon on a VacPack

How can I replace the heating element on a VacPack?

For full instructions on how to replace a heating element on a VacPack vacuum gas flush sealer please see our article in the Help Center:

Changing the Heating Elements in a VacPack